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United States
Yo. I'm kentaurosman. Michael works too. I'm big on webcomics and I like to draw when I'm not occupied watching ChaoticMonki or dancing to Sega Genesis hip-hop. I also play games every now and then.

One of these days, I'm gonna say goodbye to all of the nasty body hair I have and get my mop straightened. Personally, my current look just isn't gonna cut it.
  • Listening to: Toby "Radiation" Fox

Looks like I've been tagged. A pretty rare occurance, you know. Let's do this.


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Tagged by CesarLocoDelLapiz

Mates call me kentaurosman 'round here.
What's that mean?
Well, I used the Greek word for "centaur" (kentauros) and put "man" after it.
So it's pretty much Centaur Man. Like the MM6 robot master.

Star sign:
Taurus, bruh.
The only reason I know squat about starsigns is 'cause of Homestuck.
Before, I knew next to diddly about that stuff.

Average hours of sleep:
I dunno.
5-8 maybe?
That sounds about right.
Eh, more like 5-10.
That seems a little more accurate.

Lucky number:

*shrugs* Ya got me. Though the first thing that comes to mind I guess is 13.

Last thing I googled:
"how to activate regular tools on Anime Studio Debut 9"
I was watching a tutorial made by this one guy, and when I tried to use a tool he was using, but it wasn't there.
Turns out, I'm using beginner tools as opposed to regular (or I guess pro) tools.

Favorite fictional character:
Now you're hitting me with a hard one, eh?
Well, I have quite a few, but the Iron Giant and I go way back, lemme tell ya.
The Iron Giant was pretty much a big part of my childhood.

What are you wearing now:
Pajama pants, slippers, and a t-shirt.
Usual evening wear.

When did you start this account:
Exactly when? Can't remember.
Estimately? Around middle school.
Didn't really have a tablet like I do now, so I mostly just wrote stories or did sprite art on MS Paint.

Amount of watchers:

159, mah man.

What do you post?
My art, mostly.
Whenever I make it.
And I guess whenever I feel like posting it.

Do you run any more blogs?
I guess there's sylpheedz, an art blog on tumblr I put together.
Not too popular, but that's cool.
Haven't really tended it much though.

Do you get a lot of comments?

Aside from the "thank you"s I get on my profile, I guess not a whole lot.

Why did you choose this username?
I was big into Mega Man in middle school.
Mega Man was my shit.
Is my shit.
Sucks what he's been going through lately.
Well, I'll tell ya this much. Capcom can suck it.
Same for Konami and Ubisoft.

Here are a few fellas I'd like to know a little better. They don't have to, but they're totally welcome to if they feel like it.

If you read all the way to down here, good on ya, mate.
If not, that's fine too.
Welp, y'all have a good one.

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